Leader in plant industry

HamaTech Advanced Process Equipment (APE) GmbH & Co. KG is the recognised market leader for 20 years of equipment for the semiconductor industry. This medium-sized company is based in Sternenfels / Württemberg and has earned a worldwide reputation as the industry leader for cleaning, baking and developing of photo masks.

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Wholesale with car parts

For Herth + Buss GmbH with 160 employees in Heusenstamm speed and punctuality is key to their business. Nothing is left to chance - therefore the powerful SAP LES (Logistics Execution System) is use.

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Sun protection with variety

For Oscar Widmer in Heppenheim with 30 employees, the customer request is to measure all things in all ways. With our SAP solution they manage their measurements without any problem.

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Everyone can generate waste – the disposal and recycling are better left to experts

Landbell AG, with about 35 employees organise the collection, sorting and disposal of sales industry packaging. With the introduction of SAP ERP the system is ideally equipped for the growth in the dual system and the establishment of further business.

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Turnkey construction requires sophisticated key functions

Köllmann AG therefore made no concessions and developed their building projects with the powerful project system and property management systems from SAP ERP for more than sixty constantly balancing charging units.