The globalisation of the machinery and plant construction industry is increasingly required to offer innovative and customised products with product-related services in order to escape the pressure of competition.

This results in a variety of challenges:

  • Create access to new sales and procurement markets
  • Tendency to globally oriented production - producing close to the customer Orientation to a system supplier (customer-specific products and services to the investment risk)
  • Constant innovation and shorter product life cycles
  • More complex and highly customised products and services
  • Fast response times (handling customer inquiries, delivery times, service times, ...)

You need a powerful ERP solution that addresses the following processes and tasks, to fit your successful products and services to the needs and desires of your customers:

  • Continuous processes in development, design, production, sales, service, and controlling, along the entire value chain
  • Offer based on sales bills with pricing and delivery Determination (check availability)
  • Use and control of information (dates, costs and resources) using the integrated project system
  • Order processing (procurement and production) based on growing sales order and project bill of materials
  • Decision and implementation of external processing ("extended workbench")
  • Invoicing for project progress based on milestones or according to a billing plan
  • Administration of serial numbers and history data for machinery / equipment and spare parts
  • Control the supply, installation and commissioning of the project system
  • Handling of service and maintenance (maintenance plans, spare parts delivery, on-site service)

Through our customised SAP All-in-One solutions i.Machine for the machinery and plant industry you are a significant step ahead of your competitors.

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience and the challenges in machine and plant construction.