Through the privatisation and liberalisation of the waste management industry, the markets and the original duties have been rearranged. In addition the volume of packaging waste (glass, PPK, LVP and e-waste) is ever greater.

Therefore the changes also increase the challenges of environmental and waste management specialists:

  • Increased competition by changing the disposal market.
  • Growing number of laws, regulations and administrative provisions.
  • Tightening of the legal framework and increase the recycling rate.
  • Municipal and private-logistics, recycling and treatment processes and settlements.

To be successful in dynamic waste management, you need an integrated ERP industry solution that offers the following support:

  • Overview of the products packages put in circulation sales, compared to the quantities disposed - in relation to the minimum rate.
  • Definition of waste types according to the official GCU Catalog or your own definition.
  • Acquisition of de-stocking and approaches in order processing.
  • Support for the settlement of all types of municipal waste disposal services.
  • Flexible calculation cycles from annual to daily.
  • Plausibility check of settlement documents.
  • Parallelisation and monitoring of mass runs.
  • Management of accounts and balance sheets.
  • Access to current accounting and performance.

Through our customised SAP ERP solution for the waste management industry you reach streamlined and transparent business processes and provide an important prerequisite for success.

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience and the challenges in waste management.