Customers expect "Everything from one source - from development to production". Achievements in development and prototyping are inevitable. In addition, the metal processing is highly dependent on the intensity of competition.

This leads to a variety of tasks:

  • Timely implementation of more flexible contracts with shorter lead times
  • Increasing supplier relations taking into account the readiness to deliver
  • More flexible and shorter delivery times while optimising inventory levels
  • Strong price fluctuations for raw materials and primary materials

This flexible ERP business solution is inevitable, which helps you address the following challenges:

  • Customer-oriented and reliable order processing and production planning
  • Monitoring of delivery date and the appropriate order status (order tracking)
  • Professional controlling and thus cost transparency for sales and production
  • Higher efficiency through consolidated storage and inventory management
  • Material dispositions for individual parts and assemblies
  • Electronic data exchange with customers and suppliers

Our SAP All-in-one solution addresses i.Metall depends precisely on your requirements and forms the basis for your success.

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience and the challenges in the metal processing.