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The globalisation of the machinery and plant construction industry is increasingly required to offer innovative and customised products with product-related services in order to escape the pressure of competition.

Customers expect "Everything from one source - from development to production". Achievements in development and prototyping are inevitable. In addition, the metal processing is highly dependent on the intensity of competition.

The increased competitive pressure in the plastic processing leads to a change from a pure manufacturer to system providers. Besides the mere fabrication, there are a number of other challenges for the plastics processing industry:

Manufacturers of machinery, components and customer orders or products with variant expression more than ever need to respond with flexibility to customer wishes.

Customers who previously purchased a standard product now want an individual solution. Therefore, companies who have manufactured their products in traditional mass production will have the ability, coupled with the efficiency of mass production, to handle customized orders.

Employment and profitability are shifting increasingly from the manufacturing to the service sector. The service industry faces significant economic and social changes. While it opens up new market opportunities for some service companies, others have to fundamentally re-orientate themselves.

Through the privatisation and liberalisation of the waste management industry, the markets and the original duties have been rearranged. In addition the volume of packaging waste (glass, PPK, LVP and e-waste) is ever greater.